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Macrotrend of our present: instructions for use. We live in the age of endless change. Technological innovations are profoundly and irreversibly affecting our everyday life. Progress seems somehow to subvert individual and collective parametres in such a way that often we tend to ask ourselves what we can do for machines more than what they can do for us. In these pages the author shares a participating and curious gaze to the deep changes of our times, with the ongoing tension to draw together the scattered pieces of information left by our uncertain present and to gain new keys to interpretation. From the new technologies of AI and ubiquitous computing to the growing issues of international security , from the so called Fourth Industral Revolution to the new paradigm of the sharing economy, from the role of the technological mammoths in the new world order to the changes in the labour market and the increasing societal inequality: a bunch of burning issues are here addressed both with intellectual commitment and conversational levity, with the aim to foster public debate and awareness and to help present day and future leaders to shape new policies, both at business and governamental level.

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Tech Impact. The lights and shadows of technological development

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