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Technology Business Management

Todd Tucker
pubblicato da Technology Business Management Council

Prezzo online:

For many CIOs, the value they deliver is elusive. It's not that they do not create positive business outcomes, it's that they have a hard time demonstrating value for the money spent. As a result, many IT leaders find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of defending their budgets, cutting resources when times are tight, and struggling to keep pace with an insatiable business appetite for innovation. Meanwhile, business leaders increasingly rely on the cloud and other third parties for their technology needs, finding clear tradeoffs between cost, features, risk, and speed of delivery at their fingertips. CIOs must not only compete with these alternatives, they must embrace the new reality of a multi-sourced, service-oriented world. Many IT leaders are taking a more proactive approach to optimizing value. By using shared facts about cost, consumption, quality, risk and performance, hundreds of CIOs have empowered value conversations centered on cost-for-performance, business-aligned portfolios, investments in innovation and enterprise agility. The tradeoffs they've illuminated changed the tone of their meetings and instilled a business mindset in IT decisions. By reading this book, you'll discover and learn the following: - A practical, applied framework called Technology Business Management for creating and using shared facts to make better decisions about people, technologies, services and investments - A standard taxonomy of resources, technologies and services for CIOs to translate between IT, financial, and business perspectives - Creating transparency to empower decision makers, demonstrate cost-efficiency, shape demand and plan in step with the business - What your technology business model says about the value you deliver and the disciplines you employ - How to shift from project portfolio management to service portfolio management to both improve alignment and adopt more agile approaches to innovation and development - How to optimize run-the-business spending by optimizing infrastructure, outsources, labor and services and rationalizing your portfolios for better alignment - How to improve your ability to change the business by better governing innovation investments and improving enterprise agility - How to create and execute a roadmap for improving data and decision making capabilities over time while reaping rewards at every stage of maturity


Generi Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Marketing, PubblicitĂ  e Vendite » Marketing e vendite

Editore Technology Business Management Council

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/06/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780997612721

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Technology Business Management

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