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Teddy & Lily: True Friendship Is Unconditional Loyalty

Lily Amis
pubblicato da Lily Amis

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It's really true, the best matches are made when you least expect it. Lily, a sensitive and affectionate child, is well aware that she finds herself, in difficult circumstances. She is tossed on a journey without a destination and without a future, far away from her homeland, because of a cruel and inhumane war. In the cold and impersonal terminal of an international airport, a winking little friend locks his eyes with a child in a souvenir shop. It is love at first sight. He chooses her, and she chooses him from among many. It is the beginning of Lilys adventure full of dark shades, of discouragement, depression and departures, but always next to the reassuring smile of little Teddy. A faithful and unmissable friend. This tender story is told in the words of a loyal teddy bear who spends a lifetime waiting for his Lily to shower him with her reassuring love and caring. A story about the importance of friendship and memories. A magical tale, like a warm hug that smells of childhood, reassuring memories and happy thoughts.

Do you remember the first Teddy you ever got? Do you remember the person who gave it to you? Teddies symbolize love and friendship, in many cultures. It doesnt matter how old you are, and it doesnt make a difference whether youre a girl or a boy, a grown-up lady, or a man. Everybody loves Teddies, because theyre just so cute and cuddly. As we get older, life changes. Relationships end and family and friends go their separate ways. All we are left with are the lovely memories we cherish in our heart. But the love for our favourite Teddy never changes. Teddies dont leave us, like people do. They are loyal friends for life.

Teddy & Lily is a delightful little book inspired by the memoir, Destination: Freedom. This sweet story, about the power of love and the values of friendship, told by Teddy himself, is an educational book for both young and adult readers. It also describes the joy of freedom, of travel, and the importance of education, as well as how to avoid jealousy and the fear of loss in relationships!

Teddy & Lily is also available as audiobook in download stores.
Teddy & Lily is also available in German, Italian and Spanish.


Generi Bambini e Ragazzi » Narrativa » Narrativa

Editore Lily Amis

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 30/01/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781370800667

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Teddy & Lily: True Friendship Is Unconditional Loyalty

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