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A guide to every single major Buddhist Temple on the Island of Ayutthaya + 4oo years' worth of royal ruins.

Includes two walking itineraries with maps covering the island's 22 largest temples
plus the Somdet Phra Sri Nakarin Park; a large park
home to several dozen (more) smaller minor temples.

Also Features: . the famous Buddha head growing in a Bodhi banyan tree
at the `Temple of the Great Relics' - Wat Mahathat
. the incredible gold & wealth of Wat Raja Burana's crypts
. Wat Sri Sanphet; the `Temple of the Holy, Splendid Omniscient'
- later the model for Bangkok's Wat Phra Kaew
. the mighty prang of Wat Phra Ram
. the story of the great King Naresuan
& the Mon who helped saved the kingdom, at Wat Nok
. the final hidden resting place for one of the world's greatest golden Buddha statues
. the bravest queen in Siamese history; memorialized at the Phra Siri Suriyothai chedi
. the other `Temple of the Bells' - Wat Warapho
. the greatest funeral Ayutthaya ever saw, at Wat Worachettaram
. the Buddha of the Holy & Supremely Auspicious Reverence
whose head was once blasted off by lightning
. & whose body was so large Buddha statues were found inside its arm
. the pale sandstone Sleeping Buddha at Wat Lokaya
. the crown jewel of Bangkok's Chakri Dynasty Kings - Wat Suwan Dararam
& the incredible murals which grace its ubosot & wiharn
. Wat Rattanachai aka Ayutthaya's `Chinatown Temple'
. the blazing canary rooftile of Wat Borom Phuttaram
. the ancient `citrus temple' Wat Som
. the tiger king `Seua' at Wat Tuk
. the ancient Theravada roots of Wat Thammikarat
& the surprise assassination attempt which occurred on its steps
... sprung by a teenage monk from Wat Raja Pradit
. the royal elephant stable at Wat Yansaen
. the lost mysteries of Wat Suwannawas
. the queen who had her own child executed, at Wat Khok Phraya
. the great Mon generals of Wat Khun Saen who helped defeat the Hongsawadi
. the grand national modernization effort which centered around Wat Senasanaram
. the Chiang Mai transplant Wat Phra Lat
. the dozens of minor temple ruins & sites which dot Sri Nakarin Park
... & much more.

Also includes: . a Thai Buddhist architectural guide
. explanations of the fundamentals of Khmer Hindu architecture
. an introduction to the kingdom's first days & later history
. an introduction to the founding U Thong dynasty
. legends of palace intrigue & royal coups & murder
. extensive lists of treasures, looted & found
. information on famous Buddha statues
. an introduction to the Thai epic poem `Khun Chang, Khun Phaen'
. history, background & fast facts, for each temple
. local wildlife & who to talk to
. academic notes
. hundreds of photos
. postcards
. & more


Generi Architettura Design e Moda » Architettura e Urbanistica » Edifici religiosi , Guide turistiche e Viaggi » Guide turistiche

Editore Willy Thorn

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 10/12/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780463196168

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A Temple Treasure Map for the Island of Ayutthaya

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