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The 100 Most Important Albums of the Sixties

Ed Manolio
pubblicato da Ed Manolio

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The decade of the 1960's saw the birth of creativity and imagination in the music industry unlike any other decade in music history. One of the main reasons for this growth of new talent was the 33 1/3 long playing album which allowed artists to have 45 or so minutes to present their talents. This book defines the most important and influential albums of that era. Beginning with the Elvis and teen idol years thru the British Invasion period to the Motown sound and into the underground and counter-culture years of this decade, these albums tell the story of a momentous, controversial era that will never be forgotten in the annals of American music history. It was a turbulent, decade of revolution in politics, music and society which was reflected in albums from this decade. From rock to pop, from rhythm and blues to country, from folk to jazz and even original soundtracks, these albums represented the signs of the times. Many are milestone records and others unexpected gems all from some the greatest artists, many of which emerged in the sixties. Each pick is explored and reasons are given to why it was chosen to be one of the hundred. Celebrate the joy, the creativity, the education and sheer pleasure from the Top 100 Most Important Albums of the Sixties.

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Generi Musica » Generi musicali e Storia della Musica

Editore Ed Manolio

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 09/05/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781005631963

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The 100 Most Important Albums of the Sixties

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