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Is there a secret that allows you to lose weight and in a stable manner, continuing a walk your favorite dishes and in the quantity you want?
Imagine a feeding model that allows you to lose weight incredibly quickly and without counting calories, to keep it low and to consume a longer and healthier life.
What value could you have for finally discovering this secret? What impact could it have on your line, your health and your well-being?
The present book is a model of "intermittent fasting" which represents an "ancient Secret", but rediscovered by itself in modern times and always supported by more scientific research to support its validity and effectiveness, not only in terms of weight (fat mass) ), but also in terms of longevity and physical and mental well-being. The Pareto 80/20 Diet is based on an Effectiveness Principle known as the "Pareto Principle", applied with great success in every field, from Business to Economics etc. In the Pareto 80/20 Diet alternating cycles of fasting and nutrition are used on a daily basis, instead of the "5 meals a day" model, which on the contrary always keeps the body in a state of hyper-feeding.

The Pareto Diet is a "food model" rather than a "classic diet", and does not include any restriction on which foods to eat, but rather on when to eat them.

Simple principles, great results! Also supported by numerous scientific studies.
The Pareto 80/20 Diet is becoming increasingly popular for one simple reason: IT WORKS!
It works both in case you want to lose weight (maybe accumulated over the years), and to strengthen your health and rejuvenation.
Are you tired of continuing to count calories and being obsessed with food all day long? The Pareto 80/20 Diet can be easily inserted as a lifestyle and nourish within your life and giving you a younger, leaner and healthier physique.
This book, supported by an extensive scientific reference bibliography, will explain to you not only the scientific and physiological bases of such a food model but also how to apply it successfully in your life.
You will be explained: How the hormone Insulin works, making you grow old and fat and how to limit its activation to the minimum possible.
How to activate the Glucagon hormone, and how to cause your body to burn fat (and lose weight), making you become a "fat burning machine".
How to have an exponential increase in GH (Growth Hormone), in a completely natural and physiological manner. The enormous benefit of this "youth hormone" will be explained to you.
How to activate the physiological phenomenon of autophagy, detoxifying and deeply renewing your body at the cellular level.
How to stimulate the growth of new brain neurons through the stimulation of "BDNF", the neurotrophic growth factors, helping you to enhance your cognitive abilities and making you "smarter" and preventing various neurodegenerative diseases (proven by some scientific research).
How to activate the principle of Ormesi, to make you thinner, healthier and "intelligent".
How to easily maintain the desired weight with simple "Pareto 80/20" maintenance rules.
And ... much more!


Generi Non definito

Editore David De Angelis

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/04/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9788832577938

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The 80/20 Pareto Diet

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