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The Ancient Test

pubblicato da BLUE

Prezzo online:

What would it be like to be suddenly thrust into the mind of an ancient human being living in the plains of Africa 15 million years ago, jumped forward into modern day Los Angeles and dropped into an event similar to those reported in ancient accounts of the oldest shamanic initiations? This is the true story of the author's extreme survival experience: a brutal, haunting and yet inspiring tale. This book is about enduring an ordeal that exists commonly throughout mankind's history, but it does everything it can to destroy the clich├ęs around such an experience and modernize it, for indeed the test that I experienced was itself highly modernized while still being traditional. I refer to this experience in this book as the ancient shamanic testbut it has many older names, now lost in time. I have experienced many things as I have walked this journey.

I was once running through the forest and a fire was closing in around me and the flames leapt and smoke was everywhere into the sky.

I was lost in a city I had never seen while some invisible forces guided my mind and body.

I was trapped in a hotel room being tortured, someone held a gun to my head and told to me to give up fighting or the torture would only get worse.

I walked in a desert as far as I could walk, and I laid down to die, but then stood up and went on.

I woke up one day and found myself in the mind of an ancient humanfeeling the pain of being trapped between ape and man consciousness.

I have lived in mental places of pain that I did not know could exist. I have cried from creases of my heart that I did not believe could contain pain.

My story is told here in the pages of this book, this is the true story of what happened to me during one of the most difficult and terrifying experiences that a man or woman can live throughthe ancient test.

I believe we live in a time when everyone on earth is being testedbeing pushed ever more intensely into states of fear and doubt, sickness, war, pain, angerand division.

And if this book seeks to do anything, it seeks to provide others with some insight into these experiences as well as to help those that are experiencing any kind of negative turmoil to find a path to light and positivity, but it also deeply seeks to destroy divisions between people, to find commonalities by connecting the ancient ways with the ways of today.

-This book contains free access to over an hour of documentary excerpts and short films made by the author, including never before seen footage of the attacks of 9/11 and it's aftermath in downtown Manhattan.


Generi Esoterismo e Astrologia » Occulto , Salute Benessere Self Help » Mente, corpo, spirito

Editore Blue

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 26/10/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781370667901

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The Ancient Test

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