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The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Phil Szostak
pubblicato da Abrams

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Step inside the Lucasfilm art departments for the creation of fantastical worlds, unforgettable characters and unimaginable creatures. The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens will take you there, from the earliest gathering of artists and production designers at Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco to the fever pitch of production at Pinewood Studios to the conclusion of post-production at Industrial Light & Magic-all with unprecedented access. Exclusive interviews with the entire creative team impart fascinating insights in bringing director J. J. Abrams's vision to life; unused blue sky concept art offers glimpses into roads not travelled. Bursting with hundreds of stunning works of art, including production paintings, concept sketches, storyboards, blueprints and matte paintings, this visual feast will delight Star Wars fans and cineastes for decades to come. The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the definitive expression of how the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga was dreamed into being.

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Absolutely brilliant concept art. --io9/Gizmodo An incredibly in-depth look at all the alternate designs that could have ended up onscreen. --WIRED An inside look at [the] evolution and tracks the record-breaking film from its early concept art to its finishing touches. --Yahoo! Tech Each page . . . is a visual feast. --Entertainment Weekly It's a visual feast of fantasy worlds, iconic characters, spectacular spacecraft and colossal creatures. --Parade It's fascinating to look at some of the art that preceded the finished product. --Flavorwire It's gorgeous to look at and worth buying for that alone, but seeing so much preliminary concept art will just make you appreciate the finished product that much more. Packed with breathtaking concept art revealing alternative visions and early ideas for the film. --Yahoo! Entertainment Some of the best concept art and behind-the-scenes details have been collected in a book titled The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. --ScreenRant The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens . . . is the rare art book that is actually worth going out and purchasing right now. --GeekTyrant


Generi Music & Entertainment » Cinema

Editore Abrams

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 18/12/2015

Pagine 256

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781419717802

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The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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