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The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide (Fourth Edition)
The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide (Fourth Edition)

The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide (Fourth Edition)

by Monona Rossol
pubblicato da Allworth

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Safe use of art or craft materials requires awareness and training. A host of toxic industrial chemicals and environmental pollutants, including lead, cadmium, mercury, asbestos, cancer-causing dyes and pigments, and brain-damaging hydrocarbon solvents, are often found in these materials.

The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide, Fourth Edition, is the classic guide to using these potentially toxic materials safely and ethically. Additionally, this book is also designed to help art workers and teachers comply with applicable health and safety laws, including the new Globally Harmonized System for labelling as well as safety information adopted by most countries. Coverage includes:

  • Technical hazards information in plain language
  • Tables of data on art material ingredients
  • Steps to comply with health and safety laws
  • Safety checklists for studios and classrooms
  • Detailed descriptions of safe practices
  • Recommendations for proper protective equipment
  • Precautions for children, pregnant women, men and women planning families, and others who are susceptible to toxic substances

Newly revised with the most up-to-date information on safety requirements and protocols, The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide is required reading for anyone who regularly uses or teaches with art and craft materials as well as for professionals who design or maintain art facilities.

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