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When a former nerdy girl hires her wolf-shifter high school crush the reunion gets truly wild in this romance by the New York Times bestselling author.

Some things are worth waiting for. Like the moment when Jessica Ward "accidentally" bumps into hunky high school alpha male Bobby Ray Smith and shows him the woman she's become. A wolf-shifter with a Southern drawl, Smitty used to turn Jess to jelly any time he got close. And while that hasn't changed, Jess is now the Alpha of her own Packand ready to enjoy a no-strings romp with a big, bad wolf.

Smitty is surprised when he meets Jess again. The sexy wild dog-shifter and CEO who hires his security firm is a million miles from the lovable geek he used to know. But her kiss is every bit as hot as he imagined. Jess was never the kind to ask for help, but when someone starts targeting her Pack, Smitty's not about to turn tail and run. Not before proving that their sheet-scorching animal lust is only the start of something even wilder.


Generi Passione e Sentimenti » Chick lit e Rosa contemporanei , Romanzi e Letterature » Rosa , Hobby e Tempo libero » Umorismo » Libri per ridere e collezioni umoristiche

Editore Kensington Books

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 14/11/2013

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781617736124

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The Beast In Him

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