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"I have the most progressive record of anybody running."

If you want to know how far-left a Joe Biden presidency would be, you need look no further than his own words. His rhetoric may not be as fiery as that of Bernie Sanders, but make no mistake: he holds essentially the same policy positions.

Bestselling author and former Hoover Institute fellow George Neumayr lays out the truth the media won't tell you: that Blue-collar Joe disappeared decades ago. He is far more comfortable on the Ellen show than on the streets of Scranton. He has given up Amtrak for private jets, and, like his lobbyist brother and grifter son, has cashed in on his last name.

While the media and Democrat establishmenteager to dupe independents and Never-Trump Republicansspin talking points to paint Biden as the moderate and lovable "Uncle Joe", the reality is a Biden presidency threatens to return America to the disastrous and radical left-wing politics and policies of the Obama era.

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The Biden Deception

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