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The Capital
The Capital

The Capital

Robert Menasse
pubblicato da Quercus Publishing

Prezzo online:
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THE PRIZE-WINNING SATIRICAL BESTSELLER FROM THE ACCLAIMED ROBERT MENASSE MORE THAN 500,000 COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE A HOUSE OF CARDS FOR THE EU This is the tale of a continent, a city and its inhabitants as they navigate their way through the confusing tangle of 21st-century life. The Capital is a brilliantly entertaining satire, a crime story, a comedy of manners . . . and a wild pig chase. First-class satire Guardian A deliciously vicious and timely satire Financial Times Mischievous yet profound Economist Thoroughly entertaining Spectator A romp Politico ************************************* Brussels. A hive of tragic heroes, manipulative losers, involuntary accomplices. No wonder the European Commission is keen to improve its image. The fiftieth anniversary of the European Commission approaches, and the Directorate-General for Culture is tasked with organising an appropriate celebration. When Fenia Xenopoulou's assistant comes up with a plan to put Auschwitz at the very centre of the jubilee, she is delighted. But she has neglected to take the other E.U. institutions into account. Meanwhile the city is on the lookout for a runaway pig. And what about the farmers who take to the streets to protest against restrictions blocking the export of pigs to China? ************************************** See what the critics are saying about The Capital: Omniscient New York Times An exceptional work Kirkus Reviews Deliciously witty Metro Elegant... brilliantly constructed Die Zeit Robert Menasse is pioneering the genre of Eurolit Financial Times WINNER OF THE GERMAN BOOK PRIZE 2017

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A gripping novel with an urgent political purpose -- Fintan O'Toole * New York Review of Books * Menasse assembles his cast from the different member states . . . but he gives their inner lives a complexity that belies the satirical shorthand of simple labels . . . brilliantly comic . . . An important and timely book. -- Michael Cronin * Irish Times * I enjoyed The Capital so much . . . A major book about coincidences, of linked and overlapping meanings . . . This is a deeply humane novel, a novel for adults. -- Dwight Garner * The New York Times * Witty but humane. . . . The massive cast never becomes unwieldy thanks to Menasse's delightful prose. This epic, droll account of contemporary Europe will be catnip for fans of mosaic novels and comical political machinations. * Publishers Weekly (*****) * This is above all the polyphonic novel in excelsis . . . I want to read much more from this major European writer -- David Nice * Arts Desk * Robert Menasse's polyphonic EU satire juggles a multitude of wryly amusing storylines. -- Siobhan Murphy * The Times * The Capital could hardly be more topical . . . It is about Europe reconnecting with its ideals via a tragic past . . . It's a smart read, unlike anything being written in Britain today. -- David Herman * Jewish Chronicle * Rumbustious . . . deliciously witty -- Paul Connolly * Metro * A brutally funny and exhaustive tableau of both a continent in transition and the organisation straining to hold it together . . . a teeming epic -- Andrew R. Chow * Time Magazine * A sharply observed, witty novel, a character comedy . . . the best novel about European bureaucracy you'll read . . . a brave and funny book -- Charlie Connelly * New European Best Books of 2019 * An elegantly written, brilliantly constructed novel, full of discussion points and ideas -- Andreas Isenschmid * Die Zeit * [An] ambitious panorama that arrives amid the throes of Brexit and the Chinese Year of the Pig. Intelligent, fun, sad, insightful - an exceptional work. * Kirkus Reviews * A deliciously vicious - and timely - satire about the E.U. and the meaning of Europe today -- Frederick Studemann * Financial Times * A thoroughly entertaining fiction that serves both as a sort of campus satire and a novel of ideas . . . Menasse packs his Brussels with sharply-etched types . . . With its zest, pace and wit, Jamie Bulloch's translation serves him splendidly. -- Boyd Tonkin * Spectator * Menasse has a finely tuned satirical ear that easily criss-crosses borders . . . an intelligently written, pacy novel whose wide-ranging narratives ensure the momentum never wavers . . . Robert Menasse has produced an extraordinary piece of work -- Charlie Connelly * New European * The Capital is a mischievous yet profound story about storytelling; about the art of shaping a narrative by finding resonances in the messy stuff of life . . . [An] unexpectedly delightful book about Brussels. * Economist * A traditional novel, broadshouldered, omniscient, almost Balzac-ian, but with terrorism part of a plot centered satirically around an all-too-plausible Brussels idea. -- Steven Erlanger * New York Times * First-class satire . . .The Capital delivers, within a brilliant satirical fiction, thoughtful and instructive analysis of both the weaknesses in the EU that galvanise leavers and the strengths that motivate remainers. -- Mark Lawson * Guardian *


Generi Literature & Fiction » Short Stories

Editore Quercus Publishing

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 21/02/2019

Pagine 368

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780857058638

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The Capital

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