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The Creative Writer, Level Four: Becoming A Writer (The Creative Writer)

Boris Fishman
pubblicato da The Well-Trained Mind Press

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The culminating volume in the four-book series that guides students into the creation of sophisticated short fiction and mature poetry.

Building on the skills taught in the first three levels, The Creative Writer, Level Four: Becoming a Writer guides young writers from idea to polished short story or poem in a single volume.

Becoming a Writer also walks students through the transition from study to practice, broadening the series' focus by discussing the writing life -- how to find and submit to literary journals, how to develop discipline, and how to persevere in the face of rejection.

  • Reviews and strengthens the writer's grasp on the five essentials of fiction: plot, character, dialogue, point of view, and setting.
  • Guides the writer into the effective, sophisticated use of the essentials of poetry: sound, rhythm, word choice, and structure.
  • All exercises build toward the production of mature, finished creative piece
  • Can be used as a complement to Writing With Skill or on its own.

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The Creative Writer, Level Four: Becoming A Writer (The Creative Writer)

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