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The Cursed Friend - Beatrice Salvioni
The Cursed Friend - Beatrice Salvioni

Audiolibro The Cursed Friend

Beatrice Salvioni
pubblicato da HarperAudio

Prezzo online:

For readers of Adriana Trigiani, Susan Meissner, and Elena Ferrante, an unbreakable, life-changing friendship will lead two young girls from different worlds to rebel against the injustice they face in 1930s Italy

It is 1936, and in the small Italian city of Monza, on the pebbled bank of the Lambro, two frantic girls scramble to bury a bodythe dead son of the city's most prominent fascist. Soon, they will find their fierce friendship put to the ultimate test.

A year earlier, Francesca Strada, the well-mannered daughter of a bourgeois family, dreams of a life beyond provincial conformity. From afar she spies on Maddalena, the town's rebellious outcastwhom neighbors call "the Cursed One"and whose indomitable spirit fascinates her. Then, one day, escaping the vigilant eye of her parents, Francesca finds herself caught in her first-ever lie while trying to protect Maddalena. Soon, the two are inseparable. Maddalena teaches Francesca to defy animals, to overcome her fear of blood, and to recognize her body as something alive and present.

But as tensions escalate and an atmosphere of suspicion, corruption, and discontent settles over the town, the friends become increasingly aware that as girls, they're not as free as they wish to be. Confronted by a vicious act of violence, Maddalena and Francesca must rely on each other to defend what they have forged together. Set against the backdrop of the Abyssinian War, The Cursed Friend is a time - less tale of female friendship, navigating loss and adolescence, and finding the courage to speak out against the silence of a harsh, uncompromising world.

Translated from the Italian by Elena Pala

Dettagli down

Generi Non definito

Editore Harperaudio

Formato Audiolibro

Durata 06:44.19

Pubblicato 07/05/2024

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780063234031

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The Cursed Friend

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