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In the year 2255 Ellie Ovis finds herself in the unenviable position of being loved by Woden, the Nephilim Prince of the New York Region, staring lovingly into her eyes. A member of the Creed, Ellie wants nothing to do with this being whom she considers demon-spawn. She is already fighting her attraction to his best friend, the Nephilim rebel, Siddhart. But the upcoming annual Balance ritual and an incomprehensible prophecy declares that a stubborn Scarred Woman will bring Disruption to the Nephilim community. Ellie prides herself on her integrity, but, marriage to a Nephilim prince would excuse her from the ritual and probable death. There is no one more stubborn or scarred than Ellie. But could she really be the one who is fated to save the various humanoid populations of Earth? And would she really give up her faith and religion in order to bring salvation to the descendants of demons?
The Daughters of Men is a fantasy novel about:

  1. Four types of humans -the clones, the bio-genetically engineered chimeras, the semi-demonic Nephilim, and "normal" humans.
  2. Three lovers - Woden, a Nephilim Prince; Siddhart, Woden's captain and rebellious best friend; and Ellie, the human Black woman they both love who may be fated to bring disaster or salvation to the Nephilim.
  3. Two prophecies - the prophecy of the stubborn Scarred Woman fated to bring Disruption, and the prophecy of the Beautiful One who will bring peace and salvation to the Nephililm.
  4. And one decision - Should Ellie marry Woden? Why does she resist? Why is she being so stubborn? Could it be that she is indeed the prophesied one? You bet she is.


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Fantascienza » Fantasy » Rosa , Religioni e Spiritualit√† » Narrativa d'ispirazione religiosa

Editore Carole Mcdonnell

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 13/10/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781386765899

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The Daughters of Men

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