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Nina and her cousin Ash don't get along, but now have to share a room. Plagued by nightly dreams about becoming an animal, Nina fears that Ash, who dabbles in the occult, is responsible. More terrifying still, the nightmares start to invade Nina's waking hours. But an ancient evil has marked one of them, and if either is going to survive they'll have to stand united against the greater threat.

One of the most original fantasy writers currently working.


This is a wonderful story, and highly recommended for young adults as well as adults.

Australian SF Online

Charles de Lint has crafted a complex and engaging novel. De Lint, recognized as a poet as well as a novelist, almost always limns images rich in sensory detail. It is indeed remarkable how much relevant and fascinating detail de Lint has packed into a mere 138 pages The writing is balanced and beautiful; the story is intricate and satisfying.

SFRA Newsletter, October 1991:

This is another excellent urban fantasy from de Lint. The Dreaming Place is beautifully written, with appealing and believable characters inhabiting a slightly skewed universe that's on the edge of reality.

Locus Magazine, December 1990

De Lint likes to explore the myths and legends of different ethnic groups, but he blends them so skillfully with 20th century life that the border between fantasy and reality blurs. He has a fine ear for dialogue and an eye for the details that give a story body.

The Ottawa Citizen, January 1991

I think it's safe to say that Charles de Lint is the master of urban fantasy, a true groundbreaker in the field. With almost 50 novels behind him, he continues to take new strides in the contemporary fantasy field. While The Dreaming Place is actually not a new novel (the original Atheneum edition, with illustrations by Brian Froud, is long out of print), it helps introduce younger readers to his style of work without straying far from the content and themes of his other novels.

Once again de Lint proves his ability to create engaging characters, this time focusing on young adults. He skillfully weaves mythology and folklore with believable conflicts, and continues to explore the theme of looking beyond yourself to help others. Nina and Ash's struggles are realistic ones that young adults can identify with; the setting of the otherworld serves to reinforce the inner landscape of their thoughts and feelings.



Generi Non definito

Editore Triskell Press

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 05/02/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780920623725

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The Dreaming Place

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