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The making of a legendary queen, the story of an infamous last stand.

This is the story of Boudicca, the most famous warrior of ancient Britain, and of Caradoc, the son of a Celtic king, who set out to unite the people of the Raven and lead them against the might of Rome.

As the Roman army advances into Britain, pillaging and burning villages to the ground, Caradoc's efforts are met with fierce opposition from Aricia, the vain queen of a northern tribe who swears allegiance to the Romans.

When Caradoc is taken prisoner, it falls to Boudicca to realise her destiny and finish what he has begun

This unforgettable retelling of Britain's resistance against Rome is perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden, Colleen McCullough and Bernard Cornwell.

Praise for The Eagle and the Raven

'A desperate, tragic, absorbing read' Kate Quinn, bestselling author of Mistress of Rome

`A novel of majestic sweep, splendid assurance and controlled imaginative power' Publishers Weekly

`A big, otherworldly and beautiful novel' San Francisco Chronicle

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The Eagle and the Raven

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