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This volume examines the economics of aquatic sports. Covering topics ranging from youth participation, collegiate level amateurism, and professional performance issues, to the history of Olympic level swim and water polo programs, the chapters illuminate economic motivations behind the behavior and performance characteristics of this industry. Labor-related themes regarding compensation, exploitation and discrimination are examined. The volume is also especially timely, including discussions of the impacts of technological change, the hot hand effect, confirmation bias, and doping. By answering questions about these key issues in sport, this book hopes to shed light on behaviors outside of sport and provide an enhanced understanding of individual, group, and industry decision making and performance under conditions of scarcity and uncertainty.

This book will be of interest to those studying sports economics, sports management, or applied microeconomic theory as well as professionals in the sports field: sports managers, agents, media experts, coaches, athletic directors and development leaders.

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The Economics of Aquatic Sports

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