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Attention: energetically overwhelmed empaths!

If you're reading this, you may identify as a highly sensitive empath, who is able to pick up - and even absorb - other peoples' energies.

However, many empathic people are `overwhelmed empaths' (meaning that their high empathy has gone into a state of overdrive.)

Here are some signs you too are an overwhelmed empath:

You feel other peoples' emotions vividly and profoundly, and have trouble shaking off the energies afterwards, even after the other person has moved on

You often have a hard time working out whether you're feeling your own energies and emotions, or someone else's

You have become a hermit and withdrawn socially in order to avoid other people's energies

You cannot visit crowded places such as shopping centres, stadiums, train stations, or nightclubs because the energies are so overwhelming

You feel physical aches and pains, or manifest physical signs of nervousness or sickness, around certain people

When it comes to movies, TV and books, you do not like watching or reading anything that features sad or difficult experiences for the characters

You often find yourself playing the role of counsellor and caretaker in your relationships and friendships, but you find it a draining role to take on

You often wish that other people would follow your advice and get their lives back on track

Your relationships are a source of obligation and stress, either because you self-sacrifice, have a hard time saying `no' to people, or take it upon yourself to help others with their problems

You feel like your empath gifts are a curse, and you wish you could be less sensitive.

If you resonated with the above statements, the usual advice for empaths that you will find in many books and online articles (such as boundaries, lifestyle adjustments, and shielding visualisations) are NOT effective for you as an overwhelmed empath.

They avoid the root causes of the problem - a bit like putting a sticking plaster on an infected wound.

Anna has a decade of experience working with empathic clients (and decades of experience being an overwhelmed empath.) And in this book, she gives NEW insights to explain the following:

The reasons you became an empath in the first place (hint: it usually happens in childhood) and how this is the key to bringing your empath gifts back into balance - and staying there.

Why our amazing empath gifts are a key part of our soul's purpose - and how we can integrate them into our lives in a healthy way

What is the `emotional projection' trap and how it affects you as an empath

The fascinating link between overwhelming empathy and your past lives

Effective & fast techniques for cleansing your auric field of 5 different types of energy debris that most empaths pick up on a regular basis.

Powerful methods for healers, intuitives, counsellors and bodyworkers to keep their aura and work spaces clear of client energies

A quiz to find out which empath gifts you have (out of 8 different types)

Overwhelmed empaths: this book will show you how to come back into balance with your amazing empath gifts and integrate them into your life, so that you can be more centered, happy and healthy. AND if you wish, share them with a world where they are sorely needed!


Generi Psicologia e Filosofia » Psicologia , Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help

Editore Anna Sayce

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 07/09/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230002535623

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