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The Enneagram for Moms - Beth McCord
The Enneagram for Moms - Beth McCord

The Enneagram for Moms

Beth McCord
pubblicato da Thomas Nelson

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Beth McCord, widely known as Your Enneagram Coach, shows how motherhood is divinely intended to be a transformative journey where moms not only help paint a portrait of their family, but also cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and deep connections with God, their spouse, and their children.

Beth McCord takes women on a transformative journey through motherhood, blending Enneagram wisdom with practical insights to foster authentic and healthy family dynamics. Beth unveils a guiding metaphor that brings clarity to the intricate art of parenting: diverse colors on a divine palette, graciously used by God to create the beautiful messiness of family life, all the while empowering and redeeming our contributions as parents. These colors represent the unique motivations and strategies reflective of each Enneagram Type.

God alone is the Master Artist intricately involved in every brushstroke, so moms can find rest and confidence in knowing that the outcomes of His masterpiece are in His capable hands. Gaining deeper understanding of their own inner world (and not just their kids', which is what many parents seek the most), The Enneagram for Moms will help mothers:

  • find healing for their emotional patterns and personality, allowing them to be healthy and positive influences in their children's lives;
  • discover how their distinct shades already color their parenting approach;
  • gain valuable tools to help their children navigate their own emotional landscapes with self-awareness and resilience;
  • see themselves and their children as God intends, breaking free from the cycles of mommy shaming and mommy guilting; and
  • recognize that each child already possesses a unique blend of colors, reflecting God's infinitely beautiful design.

This essential resource speaks directly to the heart of every mother, caregiver, or concerned adult seeking guidance and peace. Moms no longer need to strive for perfection or conform to society's expectations or their own insecure standards of comparison. Instead, they can rely on God's providence and guidance as they navigate the beautiful messiness of family life.

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Editore Thomas Nelson

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 09/07/2024

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780785291077

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The Enneagram for Moms

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