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The Falconer Files Murder Mysteries Books 1 - 3

Andrea Frazer
pubblicato da JDI Publications

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'A mischievously entertaining crime novel' SIMON BRETT

***** 'Probably one of the best mystery novels I have read. Such complex characters... and a lovely description of village life' Reader Review

***** 'Fantastic read. Nice and easy with interesting characters. So lifelike you could conjure up a picture of each member. Brilliant!' Reader Review

***** 'This is simply an excellent classic whodunnit in the same library as Agatha Christie or Lillian Jackson Braun!!' Reader Review

***** 'Brilliantly written kept me thinking who done it. Highly recommended. Will be reading more...' Reader Review


Book 1. Death of an Old Git
In the village of Castle Farthing a mean-spirited, spiteful, curmudgeonly old man is found drugged and strangled in the kitchen of his cottage, with no obvious clues to the perpetrator of the crime.

Book 2. Choked Off
When Marcus Willoughby is found dead at his desk in his new home, no crocodile tears are shed. His demise is even presented on air, during his pre-recorded radio show Marcus having been 'choked off' for good while in full flow. His arrival in the village had obviously caused a few already guilty hearts to beat faster, and precipitates the hasty confessions of dark deeds thought long since buried.

Book 3. Inkier Than the Sword
In the quiet village of Steynham St Michael there is an anonymous letter writer at work, jabbing and stabbing at the past's Achilles' heels of many of the upright citizens living there.
After one resident is driven to extreme measures to escape exposure, another is driven to murder.


Detective Inspector Harry Falconer is in his mid 40's, he is about five feet ten inches tall, with a slightly olive cast to his skin, and brown eyes. His hair is short and straight, very dark brown, and worn en brosse. He is of medium build, and tries to eat healthily to preserve his still-trim waistline. He previously lived alone with his seal-point Siamese cat, Mycroft, having spent sixteen years in the army, reaching the rank of major. His parents are both barristers.

Detective Sergeant 'Davey' Carmichael is 27 and six-feet-five-and-a-half inches tall in his enormous cotton socks, and takes size fifteen shoes. He is not just tall, but broad as well. He has a shock of fairish hair which grows in any direction it feels like, and his eyes are blue. Carmichael can eat an awful lot of anything he fancies without gaining an ounce.
When first partnered with DI Falconer, he was a humble uniformed PC but, during their time together, he has managed to pass his sergeant's exams, and been moved to the plainclothes side of policing.


Market Darley. As market towns go, it is quite pretty, with a weathered market cross, a sprinkling of churches, a couple of supermarkets, and a large selection of the small, idiosyncratic shops that seem to congregate in towns of this ilk. It has a town hall, a cottage hospital, a hotel, four public houses and a limited range of the other necessary amenities. As it is the only place in the area that can be dignified with the name 'town', and as it is fairly central to the area's villages, it also has a decent-sized police station which is where the detectives are based.

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Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Gialli, mistery e noir

Editore Jdi Publications

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 01/09/2023

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230006650117

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The Falconer Files Murder Mysteries Books 1 - 3

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