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The first law. The last resort.

Forsaken by the law, Hardy, Glitsky and even their families are caught in the crossfire, under direct threat. The First Law is the ninth book in John Lescroart's Dismas Hardy series; perfect for fans of John Sandford and Michael Lister.

'Lescroart's expert crafting turns this legal thriller into quite a wild ride' - Booklist

Patrol Specials, a private police force that keeps watch for paying clients, date back to the wilder days of San Francisco's past. Unfortunately, Sam Silverman, an elderly shop owner, could no longer afford Patrol Special protection, and now he may have paid with his life. But Lt. Abe Glitsky, stuck in a paper-pushing job after being injured on duty, is hitting brick walls as he tries to get help from homicide. And his friend, Dismas Hardy, putting together a high-stakes lawsuit against the Patrol Specials, suddenly finds himself defending a friend and local bar owner who's been accused of Silverman's death. Now, blocked at every turn, both Hardy and Glitsky may be forced to protect not only themselves, but their nearest and dearest - as they step cautiously into a world where the only law is survival...

What readers are saying about The First Law:

'The First Law takes our relationship with the characters to a new level'

'Gripping, tense and shocking'

'The darkest book Lescroart ever wrote'


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The First Law (Dismas Hardy series, book 9)

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