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Florida PI Fred Carver is backin the final set of crime thrillers from the New York Times-bestselling author who "just keeps getting better and better" (Tony Hillerman).

New York Times- and USA Today-bestselling author John Lutz has been hailed as "a major talent" by John Lescroart and "one of the masters" by Ridley Pearson. "Lutz offers up a heart-pounding roller coaster" (Jeffery Deaver) in his thrillers and "knows how to make you shiver" (Harlan Coben).

"The Carver series is the finest work yet by this prolific author" (St. Louis Post-Dispatch). After a criminal's bullet shattered not only his knee but also his career as an Orlando cop and his marriage, Fred Carver starts over as a private detective. In this award-winning ten-book series, Lutz's "dogged Carver is a believably heroic guy, tough, scarred and able to exhibit fear and courage at the same time" (Publishers Weekly).

Spark: A retired schoolteacher turns to Carver after receiving an anonymous note that her husband was murdered. Her case takes the PI into the depths of Solartown: a stately Florida retirement community where seventy is the new forty, golf carts are the only way to get around, and death from natural causes is nowhere to be found.

"Down and dirty . . . a good, fast read." The Houston Post

Torch: Carver has to approach his latest case from every angleas members of a love triangle start suddenly dying and disappearing, beginning with the woman who hired him minutes before her death.

"For a long-running series, this one is still hot . . . with lots of nice noir touches to give it texture. The dialogue is brisk and brittle, the action gets nasty when it must, and the characters are as shady as the sunny climate allows." The New York Times Book Review

Burn: When he is accused of stalking a woman he swears he's never met, building contractor and recent widower Joel Brant asks Carver for help clearing his name. But as the PI digs into the case, he begins to wonder who's stalking whom?

"Riveting . . . Lutz's eye for Florida noir is impeccable . . . Top of the line." Publishers Weekly

Lightning: An explosion at a Florida clinic causes Carver's lover, Beth, to miscarry. The police arrest an anti-abortion fanatic, but when the violence continues, Carver pursues the bomber on his own.

"Lutz is an experthe'll have you glued to the page." The Denver Post


Generi Gialli Noir e Avventura » Thriller e suspence

Editore Open Road Media

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 04/09/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781504055840

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The Fred Carver Mysteries Volume Three

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