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"ts the Tribulation and after what became known as the Great Vanishing Unified World Community Leader, Isaac Abram performs miracle after miracle worldwide to gain the trust of an uneasy remnant population. Then he achieves his goal of total global domination as the final opposition against him falls when he accomplishes the ultimate miracle of bringing the Israeli Prime Minister back from the dead and the subsequent covenant struck with Israel signifies the true coming together of his rule. Now with their powers in place, the five young men and women known as Full Armor are ready for their first mission. So when Angelica, as the Messenger receives the word from the Holy Spirit the five are off to the heart of Africa-Tanzania; to a village named Adanech, a haven for those opposing and fleeing the mandatory seeding of the TM chip. Headed by a godly man and his wife it is a tributary of a wide-reaching network known as Children of Shem working covertly to harbor these refugees. Full Armor is planted there where they experience both stirring victories and crushing defeats as they utilize their powers on nightly missions, assisting the refugees to reach the safety of the village. Then, after they receive an additional power from God to use in their work and just as they complete what appears to them as the decisive coup against the UWC tragedy strikes as the deaths of the multitude happens in a vicious surprise attack from the UWF. Unaware it is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy the ordeal causes the five youths confusion, doubt and despair as they return home and envision an uncertain future. Feeling like failures can Full Armor persevere as gleaners and stay the course set by God before them? "


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Fantascienza

Editore Publishamerica

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 03/12/2012

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781462678297

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The Gleaning Time

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