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The Good News of Church Politics

Ross Kane
pubblicato da Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

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Rethinking politics in the light of God

When we think about politics we often think about the privileged vying for power. Alternatively, we might think about gridlock, about frustration, or about how little our voices seem to matter. Our obsession with statecraft can both paralyze us and lead us to duplicate the tactics of this exasperating form of politics when we lead our church communities.

Ross Kane has good news for us: church politics doesn't have to work this way! In fact, it can even become a spiritual practice. Drawing on his work as a pastor in the DC area, Kane shows how localized action by churches can make a real difference in their neighborhoods. Kane combines Scripture, political theology, and personal experience to reframe politics around shaping our common life. From community service to advocacy, congregations can practice politics in ways that embrace our loving interdependence as members of the body of Christ. Church leaders, whether lay or clerical, will find The Good News of Church Politics an uplifting guide to modeling God's reign in our world by loving our neighbors.

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The Good News of Church Politics

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