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The Health of Strangers
The Health of Strangers

The Health of Strangers

by Lesley Kelly
pubblicato da Sandstone Press Ltd

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The Virus is spreading. Monthly health checks are mandatory. Enter the Health Enforcement Team, an uneasy mix of police and health service staff. Stuck with colleagues they don't like, politicians they don't trust and civil servants undermining them, Mona and Bernard are fighting more than one losing battle.

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`An intriguing tale of crime in a post viral Edinburgh, told with panache.'-Lin Anderson; `It's well paced with strong storylines, a frighteningly plausible plot and entertaining banter between its main characters throughout.'-Portobello Book Blog; `The characters are brilliant. Their dialogue is spot on and the relationship between Bernard and Mona is great. A truly fantastic read!'-The Crime Warp; `Lesley Kelly has a knack of leaving you wanting more...'-Love Books Group; `A crime thriller in a dystopian and ravaged Edinburgh with a great cast and the pages which virtually turned themselves. I bloody loved it.'-Grab This Book; `The Health of Strangers moves along at a cracking pace and the unsettling sense you get of an all-too-believable Edinburgh of the near future, or perhaps an alternative Edinburgh of today, helps draw you into what, at its heart, is a really well constructed and extremely entertaining thriller. '-Undiscovered Scotland; `The Health of Strangers is as humorous and quirky as it is insightful and observant.'-Lothian Life`; `A great read.. I'm looking forward to catching up with the characters in book 2.'-Sandra, Beauty Balm Blog


Generi Mystery & Crime » Thrillers

Editore Sandstone Press Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 23/07/2019

Pagine 356

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781912240814

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The Health of Strangers

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