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The History of Browning Firearms
The History of Browning Firearms

The History of Browning Firearms

David Miller
pubblicato da Skyhorse

Prezzo online:

A captivating and wonderfully illustrated chronicle of one of the most influential and legendary names in gunsmithing history.

John M. Browning was born in Ogden, Utah, in 1855, into a world of gunsmithing. His father was a gunsmith who was already well known for a number of innovations in the field. As a young boy, John spent hours in his father's shop and allegedly knew the name of every part of a gun before he could read. It's hardly surprising that at age twenty-three, he was filing his first patent for the "J. M. Browning Single-Shot Rifle."

Browning inherited his father's gun making shop, and with funds of less than a thousand dollars, developed it into a highly successful business that developed several iconic firearms including the Colt Peacemaker. Browning also cooperated with Winchester to develop a whole range of small arms including semi-automatic pistols, single-shot rifles, repeater rifles, and machine guns. His enthusiasm and creativity have led many to believe he is the greatest firearm designer of all time.

This fascinating book describes the Browning history, and in addition to covering the full range of inventions and designs, also shows various gun-making artifacts, copies of designers' drawings, and interesting photographs of the weapons in the hands of users.

The History of Browning Firearms makes a perfect addition to the libraries of Wild West buffs and firearms enthusiasts.

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The History of Browning Firearms

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