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Within the law. Outside the system.

The first book in an exciting series from New York Times bestselling crime author John Lescroart, featuring private investigator Wyatt Hunt. Perfect for fans of J.J. Miller and Sheldon Siegel.

'Compulsively readable' - San Francisco Chronicle

A federal judge is murdered, found shot in his home together with the body of his mistress. To homicide inspector Devin Juhle, it looks like a case of a wife's jealousy and rage. But the judge had some powerful enemies... Meanwhile, Private Investigator Wyatt Hunt finds himself smitten with the beautiful and enigmatic Andrea Parisi, a celebrity television lawyer. But Andrea, too, had a connection to the judge, along with a client that had everything to gain from the judge's death. And then she suddenly disappears...

Andrea becomes Juhle's prime suspect. Wyatt Hunt thinks she may be a kidnap victim, or worse, another murder victim. And far more than that, she's someone with whom he believes he may have a future. As the search for Andrea intensifies, Hunt gathers a loose band of friends and associates willing to bend and even break the rules, leading to a chilling confrontation from which none of them might escape.

What readers are saying about The Hunt Club:

'As in other Lescroart books, this reading leads you deep into the story... and then turns you around'

'Another thrilling tale of justice in San Francisco'

'The Hunt Club is fast-paced, exiting, suspenseful and filled with surprises'


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The Hunt Club (Wyatt Hunt, book 1)

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