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The Incredible, Indelible EGG

Barbara Kennedy
pubblicato da Mad Ave Pub LLC

Prezzo online:

The kitchen is a place of wonder. It's a theater where ingredients and utensils and recipes and textures and colors and smells and tastes and all of the senses get whisked and mixed together with the aid of some incredible utility muse... Imagination.

For me, the kitchen has been more than a place to make breakfast or bake an apple pie. It has also been my studio, my work bench, my easel, my vat, my kiln, and my favorite room in which to create. Over the years, it has seen paint brushes soaking in coffee cups, dyes brewing in pots on the stove, something cooling in the refrigerator, or hardening in the pantry, or drying on the windowsill. The light may have come and gone but the wonder remains.

Welcome to my kitchen. It's The most amazing place in the world.

EGGS are so much more than breakfast or salad or pastry glaze. Besides being the beginning of life, literally and figuratively, sweet and innocent, they are elliptical canvases for so many exotic and delicious designs. The Russian jeweled Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs are known all over the world, and when you view them in a museum, their beauty nearly takes your breath away.

So we could break a couple of eggs and make an omelet or we can take out little pots of paint... 14 kt. gold and bright enamels, add some jewels and glitter, buttons and bows, and all the little things that sparkle and make you go ooh-and-ahh. The incredible, indelible egg transforms from a runny egg yolk into an ovoidal objet d'art.

Why do chickens lay eggs?
Because if they dropped them they would break.
(This 'egg yoke' cracks me up.)


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The Incredible, Indelible EGG

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