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There is no such thing as an open and shut case...

The Keeper is the fifteenth thriller in the bestselling Dismas Hardy series by master of legal suspense John Lescroart. Perfect for fans of Steve Cavanagh and Michael Connelly.

'The courtroom drama king' - Independent

When prison guard Hal Chase's wife, Katie, goes missing on Thanksgiving Eve, he quickly becomes the prime suspect. Now it's up to lawyer Dismas Hardy to lead his defence.
Chase and Katie's marriage had been fraught with problems. He certainly had motive to want her out of his life. But as Hardy and former homicide detective Abe Glitsky delve deeper into the case, many details seem off, including the death of an inmate in the jail where Chase worked.
Amid a backdrop of conspiracy and corruption, Glitsky closes in on the elusive truth. And as the death count rises, he realises the next victim could be him...

What readers are saying about The Keeper:

'A gripping novel from start to finish'

'As always, Lescroart keeps you guessing until the very end'

'Absolutely one of his best. Excellent in every way'


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The Keeper (Dismas Hardy series, book 15)

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