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This "unique, epic journey into adulthood" takes readers from Arthurian England to sixth-century Africa (The Horn Book).

The acclaimed author of Code Name Verity spins a mesmerizing fantasy of sibling rivalry, royal intrigue, and hair-raising adventure in the medieval world. "Wein's prose is taut and elegant, creating an intense, intimate, and sometimes painful story with finely wrought, believable characters" (Booklist).

The Winter Prince: Medraut is the eldest son of High King Artos, and would-be heir to the British throneif not for an unfortunate circumstance of birth. Consumed by jealousy, Medraut joins with the king's treacherous sister in a plot to take over the throne. But Medraut soon finds his battle is not just with the kingdom, but also with the demons inside himself.

"A mesmerizing, splendidly imagined debut." Kirkus Reviews

A Coalition of Lions: With her kingdom in upheaval and her vicious aunt out for blood, Goewin, daughter of High King Artos, flees to the British-allied African kingdom of Aksum, now known as Ethiopia. But Aksum is undergoing its own political turmoil, and Goewin soon finds herself trapped between two countries, with the well-being of each at stake.

"A gripping tale of danger, nobility, power, and love." The Horn Book

The Sunbird: Telemakos, a descendant of both British and Aksumite rulers, has always been an outcast, but his honorable character has never failed his royal heritage. When a plague spreads through the kingdom of Aksum, he is called upon to travel to the Afar desert and discover who has betrayed the crown.

"Intense, absorbing, and luminously written." Kirkus Reviews, starred review

The Lion Hunter: When tragedy strikes close to home, Telemakos and his infant sister, Athena, are sent to live with Abreha, the ruler of Himyara longtime-enemy-turned-ally of the Aksumites. But even in hiding, there is more danger than anyone could have imagined.

"[A] lyrical and complex tale of adventure and betrayal set in sixth-century Africa." School Library Journal, starred review

The Empty Kingdom: Accused of treason and imprisoned on the upper levels of a palace, Telemakos is forced to help plan an invasion of his beloved homeland. Lacking any way to communicate with his family in faraway Aksum, he must use all of his subtle talents to regain his freedom.

"Filled with friendships and secrets, trust and treachery, this is a worthy entry in Wein's sophisticated look at ancient Ethiopia." School Library Journal


Generi Non definito

Editore Open Road Media

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 31/07/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781504055147

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The Lion Hunters Novels

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