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Connect to the magic of the world around you for self-care, personal harmony and the wellbeing of the Earth.

Nature is filled with hidden energies, such as the growth spirals of sunflowers, the electromagnetic spectrum of rainbows, the bio-energy of trees and the sound waves of thunder. Working with the magical energy of plants, animals, landscapes, sacred places, weather or skies, you will discover how to embrace the guardian witch inside you, empower your spirit and enrich soul.

The Little Book of Earth Magic also reveals how to recycle goodness and healing energy to the world around you by connecting to nature's powers. Use this knowledge to reanimate, vitalise and cherish our beautiful planet, and to make it a better place for all. You don't have to be in the countryside to engage with nature, the practices included in this book can be incorporated into urban living too.

Whether for recycling goodness, or enhancing wellbeing, The Little Book of Earth Magic is filled with simple practices to connect you to nature and nurture your soul.

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The Little Book of Earth Magic

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