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The Loss of the S.S. Titanic

Lawrence Beesley
pubblicato da Tales End Press

Prezzo online:

Lawrence Beesley was one of the luckiest men on the Titanic. Although the word had been given, "women and children first," he was nevertheless ordered into a lifeboat to make up the numbers. At the end of that fateful night he stepped, dry and physically unharmed, onto the deck of the rescuing ship Carpathia. We are also fortunate in that, as a science teacher, Beesley was an intensely curious man. During the journey he had been paying careful attention to every aspect of shipboard life, from how seagulls were able to keep pace with the liner, to why the vibrations from the great engines were most noticeable when taking a bath. He put these observational skills to good use in his description of the sinking, and of how the passengers, the crew, and later the public reacted, providing us one of the most complete and thoughtful eyewitness accounts of the disaster.

This ebook edition features:
5 photographs and illustrations from the first edition
Active table of contents and reflowable text
Part of the Titanic Landmark Series - republishing eyewitness accounts of the Titanic

Table of Contents:
I. Construction and Preparations for the First Voyage
II. From Southampton to the Night of the Collision
III. The Collision and Embarkation in Lifeboats
IV. The Sinking of the Titanic, seen from a Lifeboat
V. The Rescue
VI. The Sinking of the Titanic, seen from her Deck
VII. The Carpathia's Return to New York
VIII. The Lessons taught by the Loss of the Titanic
IX. Some Impressions


Generi Storia e Biografie » Storia: specifici argomenti » Periodi storici » Storia del XX e XXI secolo » Biografie Diari e Memorie » Personaggi storici, politici e militari , Hobby e Tempo libero » Motori » Mezzi di trasporto

Editore Tales End Press

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 11/08/2012

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781623580315

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The Loss of the S.S. Titanic

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