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The Magical Empath Book II ~ Rebirth & Manifestation

Lyra Adams
pubblicato da Lyra Adams

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Empath's Mission: Living Magically Everyday
Current Focus: Transformation - Rebirth - Master at Manifesting

In Book II of The Magical Empath series, you will gain confidence and control over the new you emerging through knowledge accumulated thus far combined with the changes you have enacted. As you leave a familiar cocoon, where do you go from here? How will you navigate the new you?

Book II positively steers your gaze in various directions to see how wide and wondrous the landscape in front of you can be. It is time to soar, but new wings could be on the wish list as well. Sometimes when you have traveled far in the study of self and made numerous changes, a ceremony is in order for the rebirthing of the new you. This solidifies your commitment, along with washing away old residue that no longer serves any great purpose. It is the culmination of how you have transformed.

You now begin to hone the magical personality and learn to manifest with precision, bringing things quickly into your life that can benefit you and others. Your increased awareness of energy and how you are an integral part of it skyrockets your intellectual understanding. Respectfully, the left brain stands aside at times now, inviting your intuition to direct in a balanced way.

This newly birthed magical you is the key to changing not just your life, but your entire mind/body/spirit complex. Continue the journey now.

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The Magical Empath Book II ~ Rebirth & Manifestation

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