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The Master and Margarita: New Translation
The Master and Margarita: New Translation

The Master and Margarita: New Translation

Mikhail Bulgakov
pubblicato da Alma Books Ltd

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Russia's literary world is shaken to its foundations when a mysterious gentleman - a professor of black magic - arrives in Moscow, accompanied by a bizarre retinue of servants. It soon becomes clear that he is the Devil himself, come to wreak havoc among the cultural elite of a disbelieving capital. But the Devil's mission quickly becomes entangled with the fate of the Master - a man who has turned his back on his former life and taken refuge in a lunatic asylum - and his past lover, Margarita. Both a satirical romp and a daring analysis of the nature of good and evil, innocence and guilt, The Master and Margarita is the crowning achievement of one of the greatest Russian writers of the twentieth century.

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A wild surrealistic romp ... Brilliantly flamboyant and outrageous. -- Joyce Carol Oates Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita is a soaring, dazzling novel; an extraordinary fusion of wildly disparate elements. It is a concerto played simultaneously on the organ, the bagpipes and a pennywhistle, while someone sets off fireworks between the players' feet. * The New York Times * A lasting fable about the human need for truth and the mysterious power of love. -- Elaine Feinstein It's rare that you read something so compelling and exciting. For me, The Master and Margarita is the most exciting work of imagination that I've ever read. -- Daniel Radcliffe One of the great writers of the twentieth century. -- A.S. Byatt One of the greatest modern Russian novels. * The Independent * What I find most extraordinary about The Master and Margarita is its scale, its daring, its sheer imaginative reach. Part satire, part love story, part mystical experience, it refuses to be pigeonholed. It's a book that makes other books look safe. -- Rupert Thomson A gloriously ironic gothic masterpiece. -- Patrick McGrath


Generi Literature & Fiction » Classics

Editore Alma Books Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 25/03/2018

Pagine 448

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781847497826

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The Master and Margarita: New Translation

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