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The Merchants

G. G. Vega
pubblicato da G. G. Vega

Prezzo online:

The Merchants is a book that focuses on the serious global problem of the tyranny of the merchants of death. In this last century, like it has never happened before, humanity has suffered the fatal and disastrous consequences, never imagined or expected, of the huge war machine and its victims, in most of the cases, were innocent people. We need to become aware of what we are and why we really exist, as individuals and as a society. Read this book and you will feel that a complete generation has been victim of the industry of war.

In this sense, more than ever, we live in a critical period. The planet is full of war material and the worst thing is that many of these war materials are nuclear.

Each person has the right to accept or condemn this type of war industry and such a huge destructive power is not convenient for anybody on this planet. We are in a generation where any conflict can lead to a mass destruction thermonuclear war. Worrying about it is not exaggerated. It is criminal not to perceive the seriousness of this situation.

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The Merchants

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