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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Flavio Marcello Troiso - Ambra Mattioli
pubblicato da Ambra Mattioli

Prezzo online:

Part 1 The Arcade
I am Dr. Amber Matthews of the MB Laboratory in Woods Hole, Ma. Here beside me is my son Flavus M. Thornsen. We are the main characters of the story, but you will also meet the rest of the family, my husband Dr. Jason Thornsen and my other son Lucius. We live in the United States of America in late 21st century in a highly technologically advanced society and find ourselves unwillingly involved in something horrific and mysterious, beyond imagination. Something that will change our lives forever, a deadly puzzle to solve.
Ah, I was forgetting someone important: Victor, my goldfish...but don't worry he will not forget me.
"...and Ladies and Gentlemen, look at the Arcade, isn't it wondrous? You have arrived this far, you wouldn't turn back now, would you?"

Part 2 The Collector of Opportunities
A year after "The Arcade" events.
The Thornsens are still dealing with the aftermaths of their shocking experience and its too many unanswered questions.
Among dangerous secrets, deadly conspiracies, double-dealings, encrypted codes, they, together with NSA Agent Angel Tallbright, will obstinately search for the truth, which will turn out to be a very complicate puzzle that will lead them to an unimaginable reality and the overwhelming responsibility to create a new and better future for mankind.
The Psychic Guild, of which Flavus Thornsen is a member, will do its best to give humanity that chance, but will the Roman Church be ready to accept the change and the loss of her certainties?

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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

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