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Practical, Motivational and Inspirational The Modern Artist's Way: How to Build a Successful Career as a Creative in the 21st Century is a new business book by art dealer and advisor, curator, speaker and inspirational coach Bridgette Mayer.

ART MBA presents a logical and action-oriented approach to building your art and creative business. Through examples and case studies as well as action steps, it will teach you how to take control of the outcomes you want to achieve in your creative business.

With insights learned from the past twenty years of running a multi-million dollar business and crafting the careers of many creatives as well as building world class collections, business guru Bridgette Mayer takes us through the steps to defining what makes you happy, how to value your creative work and practice, creating a vision and a plan as well as finding people who can help you and creating a modern artist career you can be proud of. Practicing these principles and ideas daily and building on them can give you the career you have dreamed of!

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The Modern Artist

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