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The Museum of Broken Promises
The Museum of Broken Promises

The Museum of Broken Promises

by Elizabeth Buchan
pubblicato da Atlantic Books

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'I ADORE cold-war novels and I live for love stories - The Museum of Broken Promises is a perfect combination of both. It's a gem of a book... beautiful, elegant.' Marian Keyes _________ Paris, today. The Museum of Broken Promises is a place of wonder and sadness, hope and loss. Every object in the museum has been donated - a cake tin, a wedding veil, a baby's shoe. And each represent a moment of grief or terrible betrayal. The museum is a place where people come to speak to the ghosts of the past and, sometimes, to lay them to rest. Laure, the owner and curator, has also hidden artefacts from her own painful youth amongst the objects on display. Prague, 1985. Recovering from the sudden death of her father, Laure flees to Prague. But life behind the Iron Curtain is a complex thing: drab and grey yet charged with danger. Laure cannot begin to comprehend the dark, political currents that run beneath the surface of this communist city. Until, that is, she meets a young dissident musician. Her love for him will have terrible and unforeseen consequences. It is only years later, having created the museum, that Laure can finally face up to her past and celebrate the passionate love which has directed her life.

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Buchan at her sparkling, sophisticated best. The Museum of Broken Promises is a dark, tender and tragic exploration of love and betrayal. Simply stunning. * Elizabeth Fremantle * Buchan is an extremely fine, seemingly effortless, storyteller and here she melds the deeply personal with serious political issues and realities that some people did, and do, face... an excellent read... a love story with bite. * New Books Magazine * A LoveReading star book, this glorious, beautifully engaging read is set to break and capture hearts. * LoveReading * What makes Buchan such a joy to read is her ability to take familiar material and probe it for new insights. For well-done domestic drama, there is only one writer for this reader. * USA Today * It will linger long after you read it. Now all I need is for someone to open the museum. -- Catherine Hokin * Historia * Buchan marries just enough political unrest with poignant love to satisfy historical fiction and romance fans alike. * i * What a good writer Buchan is. * Telegraph * Her novels read lightly but they aren't superficial. Her families seem real, raw, breathing things, whose deep history is as evident in the most casual seeming gestures as it is in the toxic no-go areas. * The Lady * [Her] writing is beautifully fluent... Buchan has a gift for understanding the complexity and ambiguity of human emotions * Elizabeth Fremantle * An elegant story that unfolds with a subtle and fascinating voice. * Anstey Harris, author of The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton * Elizabeth Buchan's new novel has quite broken my heart. I finished it days ago yet it is still haunting me. it is a magical yet sometimes heartbreaking, intricately-plotted journey through some of the darker days of Europe's modern history. The characters are so alive that I found myself cheering and weeping for them. What a love story, and so elegantly written! I thoroughly recommend this novel. * Carol Drinkwater, author of The Lost Girl * Elizabeth Buchan is always a joy to read. An intelligent writer of emotionally involving suspense fiction. * Amanda Craig, author of The Lie of the Land * Uplifting and sad and passionate and poignant all at the same time. If you like your fiction to challenge you and sweep you along and break you just a little, this is for you. * Tammy Cohen, author of When She Was Bad * I adored The Museum of Broken Promises. It has affected me more than anything I've read in quite a while. It's an amazing, emotive, heartbreaking but also ultimately uplifting novel. I really loved it so much. * Laura Barnett, author of Versions of US * I've long considered Elizabeth Buchan to be one of our greatest living novelists, and this brilliant novel confirms it. A masterly writer at the very top of her game. * Peter James, author of the Roy Grace series * Intricately plotted and beautifully written, the characters and the setting stay with you and leave you yearning for Paris. * Katie Fforde, author of A Vintage Wedding * I ADORE cold-war novels and I live for love stories - The Museum of Broken Promises is a perfect combination of both. It's a gem of a book... beautiful, elegant. * Marian Keyes, author of The Break * Gripping... This dark story, beautifully written, is shot through with the white heat of first love. * Daily Mail * Buchan writes of young love with a gorgeous tenderness... The Museum of Broken Promises is enthralling and beautifully written. * The Times *


Generi History » Europe , Literature & Fiction » Modern Fiction » Romance

Editore Atlantic Books

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 05/09/2019

Pagine 416

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781786495303

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The Museum of Broken Promises

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