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The Never-Ending Joys of Parenting: Adopting and Fostering Kids

Jim McConnell
pubblicato da Redemption Press

Prezzo online:

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Jim and June McConnell's adoption and foster parenting journeythe joys, sorrows, challenges, and everything in between.

When Jim and his wife, June, decided to become foster parents, they had no idea of the journey ahead of them. Excited to love and help kids, they welcomed numerous foster children into their home. They could never have imagined the unique challenges they would face dealing with the foster care systems intended to help those children.

Unable to have children of their own, Jim and June sought to adopt, which opened up a whole new world of love, joy, and challengesincluding what they would learn firsthand about fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

With a conversational tone, Jim shares the joys of welcoming foster and adopted children into his home. He details how things did not always go as planned, the adjustments they made, and the wisdom he and June learned along the way. Included is a section to help readers understand the symptoms and destructive effects of prenatal alcohol and drug use.

Insightful, instructive, transparent, and entertaining, The Never-Ending Joys of Parenting will helpand inspireall parents in their child-rearing journey.

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The Never-Ending Joys of Parenting: Adopting and Fostering Kids

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