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The New Rules of Lead Generation

David Scott
pubblicato da Amacom

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From amidst the clutter of lead generation tactics--both old and new--this strategic guide teaches marketers how to make the many available lead generation tactics work together to produce the maximum number of quality leads. Marketing expert David T. Scott identifies the seven most successful tactics--including email, direct mail, and search engine marketing; banner and social media advertising; cold calling; and trade shows--and reveals when to use which tactics, how to use them cost-effectively, how each tactic has changed in recent years, and how lead generation tactics will continue to evolve in the future. Most importantly, he shares how marketers can achieve the best results--actionable leads for their products and services--and help their companies succeed.This book is not only for experienced marketers with large budgets. Featuring valuable tools for tracking costs and measuring results and indispensable advice that's been thus-far absent from this emerging and in-demand field, The New Rules of Lead Generation takes a critical look at the most popular lead-generation strategies and shows marketers everywhere how to test new approaches on a limited budget, how to combine multiple tactics for a more powerful, integrated campaign, and how to capture the leads they need.


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The New Rules of Lead Generation

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