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The death of his boss sparks a worried Dr Eric Kensing to enlist the help of lawyer Dismas Hardy. He is right to be worried...

Hardy defends yet another questionable client in The Oath, the eighth fantastic crime thriller in John Lescroart's Dismas Hardy series. Perfect for fans of Michael Connelly and Lee Child.**

'Gripping, timely and extremely satisfying... a stellar novel that has broad appeal' - Booklist

Doctor Eric Kensing is living in fear that he is about to be indicted for the death of a patient. That patient was his boss, Tim Markham. But Kensing and Markham aren't just connected by work - Kensing's wife is one of Markham's many lovers. It's not looking good for Kensing, so he enlists the help of lawyer Dismas Hardy. Some say Kensing is not worth saving, although others say that Kensing is a special doctor, prepared to do anything to save a patient's life, even defying proper medical procedure. Despite all the damning evidence, Hardy becomes increasingly sure that Kensing is innocent. Against mounting pressure for an arrest, Hardy knows that the only way to save Kensing is to find the real murderer. And like Kensing, he seems to be working within a system that is set up to thwart him and any attempt at real justice...

What readers are saying about The Oath:

'Lescroart keeps the reader guessing until the last page'

'I don't like to put it down and can't wait to pick it up and read at night'

'The Oath stands far ahead of the rest for its twisting plot, fleshed out characters, lightning fast pace and surprises along the way'


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The Oath (Dismas Hardy series, book 8)

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