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You are in the business of staying competitive--seeing solid profits, building a strong brand, and keeping steady customers who return again and again. But the market is constantly changing and competition is fierce. How do you not only keep from losing ground but manage to remain a step ahead? Is a complete overhaul and rebranding every few years really necessary to make sure your footprint is still making its mark, reminding consumers of your presence?Entrepreneur expert Susan Solovic says that the answer to remaining competitive and keeping steady growth for your business is not ground-breaking, business-altering innovations, but by simply making one tweak at a time. By making incremental adjustments to every aspect of the business--marketing, customer service, finances, products, people--then repeating the process, you will find yourself constantly fixing weaknesses and spotting opportunities for growth. A winning habit for every successful business!In The One-Percent Edge, learn how to put energy into profitable areas and trim dead weight, raise prices by selling value instead of things, access new markets by adapting products or services, turn customers into brand ambassadors, and many other subtle yet highly effective strategies for affecting profitable changes to your business. Pull ahead of the pack by constantly evolving . . . one tweak at a time.

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The One-Percent Edge

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