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**Revelatory insider stories about the Palestinian struggle by a man whose life has traced the arc of modern Palestinian history, from the time of the British Mandate through today. At once an homage to the dead, enlightenment for the living, and wisdom for the future.

An engrossing memoir that offers a perspective rarely glimpsed by Western readers.**

The author is an 84-year-old entrepeneur and politician who has been at the heart of the Palestinian nationalist cause since the 1950s. His story is addressed to his college-aged grandson who was shot in the back while running away from Israeli troops at a peaceful border demonstration. While empathizing with the anger his now wheelchair-bound grandson burnishes -- many of the author's contemporaries were killed, maimed or exiled in pursuit of human rights -- Masri cites examples from personal experience that good people can always be found on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian stand-off, and that if you are willing to seek them out, there is hope. In fact, reconciliation is the only tenable option. Understanding and peace, a future that offers normalcy and prosperity, are possible.

Many stories told here, about private moments with Yasser Arafat, and with Israeli, Jordanian and US leaders, have never before been told. The author was educated in the US and his wife is a Texan. He has lived and worked in many countries throughout North Africa and the Middle East, and he maintains a second home in London. His story will connect and resonate with, and also enlighten, readers from a variety of backgrounds.


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The Palestinian State

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