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"The finest American author of his generation." Sunday Mail

"Viewed as an indictment of journalism or the lawtake your pickThe Penitent is timely and exciting and, in the best of ways, awfully depressing." NBC New York

"David Mamet is an American theater icon for good reason. He writes plays with nuance and depth that require the audience to really listen and think. About subjects that will stick to your ribs and keep your mind and your guts churning long after you leave the theater. The Penitent is no exception." Front Row Center

In David Mamet's searing new drama, Charles, a psychiatrist, is thrown into a firestorm of controversy when he refuses to testify on behalf of a gay client accused of killing ten people. He claims his refusal is a principled defense of the Hippocratic oath, enshrining the confidentiality of the doctor-client relationship. The client's defense claims it is bigotry. As Charles is subjected to a Job-like barrage of misfortune, The Penitent asks the question: What is the cost of standing up for what you believe?

David Mamet is a playwright, essayist and screenwriter who directs for both the stage and film. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Glengarry Glen Ross. His other plays include American Buffalo, The Anarchist, Race, Speed-the-Plow, Oleanna and China Doll, among many others.


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The Penitent (TCG Edition)

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