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"The Quest For Hope" is the exciting new novel that thrills as it inspires.

Into the company of the crowded hall entered an Erela: a warrior, seemingly sculpted of diamonds--the many facets of his form catching the light and releasing it in dazzling patterns. He paused for a moment, facing the King and Queen of Novus who were seated on the raised dais at the far end of the room. Then, he began to move slowly and purposefully toward them. His dark eyes pierced deeply into their souls.
Once he arrived at the foot of the thrones, he spoke. It was a strong and powerful voice--a voice not easily ignored.
"I, Zohar, Chief Commander of the High King, have come to you on his behalf. He knows of your worries and has sent me to ease your concerns." His tone became soothing, melodic.

"The High King is concerned that this task He assigned you is simply too much for you to bear. I have requested, on your behalf, to be allowed to relieve you of some of that burden, so that your lives might be easier. In time, you will be better equipped for your new responsibilities. Until then, I have been tasked to share with you my wisdom and strength until you are ready to rule on your own. The High King did not mean to leave you so unprepared."

Get "The Quest For Hope" now and experience an adventure you will never forget

The book starts with the major characters in the new land of NOVUS. This is a mysterious kingdom packed with adventure and twists that keep the plot churning. There is never a risk of it becoming dull.

Unfortunately, NOVUS has been taken over by The Dark One, who uses his power to rule over the people. Their lives are steeped in forced ignorance and misery, unable to change their lives out of fear for The Dark One.

However, things were once quite different in NOVUS. Many people remember the benevolent and wise High King, who sees all that happens in the land. The truth of who he is affects everything. The King is now presumed dead by many.

The Dark One knows this memory is a threat to his power, so he works tirelessly to propagandize people into believing the High King was evil and cruel. The Dark One is rather successful at convincing his subjects that HE is the better of the two.

However, there is hope. It turns out the High King is alive and well and stirring up trouble. Servants are sent out through the land to recruit rebels who will fight The Dark One.

Meanwhile, The Dark One believes he has solidified his rule of the land. He needs just one more element to finalize his control. That is Lady Aliatta.

Thus enters one of the book's most fascinating characters. Lady Aliatta is a spoiled young aristocrat whose life becomes entangled with the fate of Novus. Her quest brings her face to face with a shape-shifting apprentice and a master Knight. She is also drawn into an ever-increasing awareness of both the visible and invisible elements of her world

Get "The Quest For Hope" now and experience an adventure you will never forget

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Fantasy

Editore Invisible Battles

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 06/10/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781480825260

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The Quest For Hope

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