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The Rebellion's Last Traitor
The Rebellion's Last Traitor

The Rebellion's Last Traitor

Nik Korpon
pubblicato da Watkins Media

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After decades of war, the brutal Tathadann Party restored order to shattered Eitan City by outlawing the past and rewriting history. Memory is a commodity - bought and sold, and experienced like a drug. Henraek works as a Tathadann memory thief, draining citizens' memories. Everything changes when Henraek harvests a memory of his own wife's death, in the hidden rebellion that once tore apart their city. Now he will do whatever it takes to learn the truth - even if it means burning Eitan City to the ground.File Under: Science Fiction [ Memory Thieves | Collaborators | Brothers In War | City on Fire ]

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The Rebellion's Last Traitor is a mesmerizing mix of post-apocalyptic F/SF, war/adventure, criminals dealing in memories, and black-as-hell noir. It's full of attitude and atmosphere, and I couldn't put it down. - Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and Disappearance at Devil's Rock; The Rebellion's Last Traitor is an explosive tale of betrayal and revenge in which allegiances prove as dangerous and unreliable as the memories the citizens of Eitan City buy and sell. Korpon crosses genre lines with ease, and imbues this post-apocalyptic tale with the rhythm and immediacy of crime fiction. - Chris Holm, Anthony Award-winning author of Red Right Hand and The Killing Kind; Soldiers and memory. Memory thieves. What you can and can't recall, what you wish could forget, what you wish you had back. Nik Korpon takes you there and back, in writing as fine as I've seen and with a story you'll remember. - Stephen Graham Jones, author of Mongrels; The Rebellion's Last Traitor is a delicious dark delight of sci-fi noir, with an atmosphere that virtually drips from every page and an ingenious story that will hook you from the very start. - Adam Christopher, author of Made to Kill; Dark but compelling, with a plot that pulls you into turning page after page needing to know what happens next. - Jena Brown Writes; A sharp and clever novel that manages to discuss difficult themes without ever being sneaky about it. - Dead End Follies; A layered, smart novel that has something in it for just about any reader. 10/10 - Pen Boys Review; Korpon's take on speculative fiction is unique. - Crimespree Magazine; 'Reach off the page and grab you' characters and brutally intricate world building... a well paced, challenging read. - SFF World; A fun and interesting take on the aftermath of a rebellion and what might cause a new one to rise up. - The Bibliotaph; PRAISE FOR NIK KORPON; Stay God, Sweet Angel is what happens when a story breaks loose from its moorings, burrows into the reader's psyche, and lives there, throbbing like the delirious ghost of William S. Burroughs. - Rayo Casablanca, author of 6 Sick Hipsters and Very Mercenary; The pop culture apocalypse is now, and Nik Korpon is one of its darkest new voices. - Anthony Neil Smith, author of Hogdoggin' and All the Young Warriors


Generi Literature & Fiction » Science Fiction

Editore Watkins Media

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 01/06/2017

Pagine 352

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780857666550

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The Rebellion

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