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UI and UX for the non-designer!

Three years ago, I was in a predicament.

I was in a Startup Accelerator (which is a business program for startups, which usually ends with you pitching your idea to investors), and pivoted very early in the program. Problem was, I was neither a coder nor designer. I was just a guy with an idea for a business.

The idea of sitting in front of an investor--many whom likely wouldn't be the most tech-savvy people--and trying to explain the idea was daunting.

In writing, there's an old phrase: show, don't tell. But how do you show something when you have literally hours before meeting with someone who could potentially give you the funds you need to succeed?

In a word: Sketch!

Sketch gave me the ability to quickly mockup my idea so that when I met with investors and advisors, I wasn't telling--I was showing them. And they were impressed. It clicked with them more than words could. Many believed that what they were seeing was already done and working.

If you are a non-coder, non-designer like me, then is book will give you the foundation you need to create your software or app.


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The Ridiculously Simple Guide to Sketch App

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