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The Secrets Between Us
The Secrets Between Us

The Secrets Between Us

Judith Lennox
pubblicato da Headline Publishing Group

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A breathtaking and tumultuous love story of the secrets, hidden passions and loyalties that bind us together. THE SECRETS BETWEEN US is the latest mesmerising tale of drama and intrigue from Judith Lennox, the author of HIDDEN LIVES and THE JEWELLER'S WIFE. Not to be missed by readers of Rachel Hore and Kate Morton. 'I have fallen completely in love with Judith Lennox's writing - she's a fantastic storyteller!' Jill Mansell It is Christmas 1937 when sisters Rowan and Thea travel from London to Scotland to visit their dying father. Having lost their mother in a tragic sailing accident when they were young, the two women are accustomed to grief. But they have no idea that their father's death will expose a terrible deception... For back in London is his wife Sophie and their two sons. Neither family knows of the other's existence, and when news reaches Sophie of Hugh's death her whole world is turned upside down. Meanwhile, Rowan's marriage is crumbling, and Thea reluctantly finds herself acting as a go-between for her sister and her lover. But, with the onslaught of World War II, the lives of all three women will change for ever. And they must confront the secrets between them before they can seize their chance of happiness...

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A master storyteller, filling her elegant, sweeping novels with high passion and human drama * Lancashire Evening Post * A must-read . . . watching the drama unfold will keep you hooked from start to finish * People's Friend * First rate * Woman and Home * A gripping and intelligent romance * Good Book Guide * A sensitive examination of love and loss by this master storyteller * Choice magazine * Completely unputdownable...a lovely, entrancing book * New Books magazine * A beautifully turned, compassionate novel. Judith Lennox's writing is so keenly honest it could sever heartstrings * Daily Mail * I have fallen completely in love with Judith Lennox's writing - she's a fantastic storyteller! -- Jill Mansell A fast-moving, complex story * The Times *


Generi Literature & Fiction » Romance » War Fiction

Editore Headline Publishing Group

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 14/05/2020

Pagine 448

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781472260697

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The Secrets Between Us

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