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Adventure, conflict, and passion set against the turbulent backdrop of the warring clans of Vinland

When Norse raiders slaughtered his family and abducted his sister, Corban Loosestrife set out on an odyssey that took him across half the world, from the Viking fortress of Jorvik to the wild and desolate shores of Vinland in the New World. Now Corban struggles to make a new life alone in this strange land amid bloody clashes between warring native clans.

Shunned for his pale skin and dark, coarse hair, Corban seeks shelter with the Wolf Clan discovering he is also feared for his strange powers to make fire and cut through the toughest skins with his magical blade. The healer of the tribe comes to love Corban, but will this be enough to defend him against the hatred of Miska, the tribe's cunning chief?

When Corban has a vision he is compelled to follow, the world he has come to know is forever altered

The Serpent Dreamer**, third in the epic Life and Times of Corban Loosestrife series, is perfect for fans of David Gemmell, Griff Hosker and Matthew Harffy.**

`A potent blend of fantasy, history, and romance a rousing, vivid tale rich with Nordic lore' Publishers Weekly

`Elements of romance, mysticism, and suspense are interwoven into one superlative, spine-tingling adventure' Booklist

`Holland fleshes out a lively account of the time of Eric Bloodaxe. Recommended' Library Journal

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The Serpent Dreamer

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